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Matt Nay Rider Profile

    Rider: Matt Nay
    Hometown: Burbank, CA
    Age: 22
    Started Riding in: 199?
    Desert Class: LWT 1 Intermediate
    Enduro Class: N/A
    Bike Make and Size: Honda CR250R
    Family: Donn, Kyle, Kevin and Pam

    Funniest race moment: There is one funny story that I can think of, other than falling in the mud hole as a sweep rider at are GP. At the Invaders' desert scrambles in 2008, I had a horrible start (I believe it took me like 5 kicks to get the bike started)and was eating dust for the first five miles. Once I was able to get around some of the slower riders, I happened to see another yellow jersey up ahead, IT WAS MY BROTHER!!! So i got on it and started to catch him and as I start to pass him yelling something that probably shouldn't be mentioned on the internet. Feeling pretty proud of myself I turn back to look what was ahead of me and find some guy in the super senior class to be pushing his bike through the rocks... ACROSS THE TRAIL THAT I WAS ON!  So I lock up both brakes and hope to stop in time.  Unfortunately it was too late and I bulldoze the guy. I then jump up just in time to hear my brother laughing as he rides on by. You bastard!

    What you like about the Viewfinders: These are some of the most amazing people that I have ever met, from friends to people that you can look up to, I don't think there is a better group of people around.

    Racing Accomplishments: I got my yellow stripe in my second year of racing, trophied in a couple of races and I think may have the record in most career flats on a motorcycle.

    Your ultimate goal in racing: To get my red bar someday and be able to still ride for the remainder of my life.




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