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Charlie Barney Rider Profile

    Rider: Charlie Barney
    Hometown: Acton, Ca.
    Age: Old
    Started Riding in: 1972
    Desert Class: Expert
    Enduro Class: Expert
    Bike Make and Size: KTM 300 & 525
    Family: Darlene and all the Viewe's

    Funniest race moment: Getting ready for an event and putting ben gay on the boys. It will wake you up.

    What you like about the Viewfinders: Tradition in the way we do things and have each others backs. We are family!

    Racing Accomplishments: Two national #1 plates, several Dist 37 and BITD #1 plates over the years. Overall best in the west rider in 2000.

    Your ultimate goal in racing: Overall a national but now I'm to old and just lucky to be able to still ride.

    Other Info: Everyone needs a rock to lean on and be supported by. My rock is my wife she has  supported me every step of the way, Loven you Darlene!

Charlie Barney Rider Profile Picture
Charlie Barney Rider Profile Picture

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